Saturday, October 2, 2010

Building a Nest

Being from a small town in upstate New York, talent and gumption always bred in tiny pockets of circumstance. In turn, there was always a need for these pocket populations to migrate to more creative climates. My time at the Maryland Institute College of Art was wonderful and confusing. It's taken some time to recover and readjust to my life as an artist and bread winner.

After school I moved directly into a studio in a broken down high-rise in downtown Baltimore. I would catch a ride in the morning and put in my 9-5. Winter proved to be exhausting, freezing, and uninspired. One morning, after taking my triple-layered hoodie nap on the on the matted carpet floor while waiting for the heat to kick on, I decided I needed a change.

Flash to the present, my growth has culminated into a goal-driven pursuit to establish a business from home and design my own lifestyle. I feel like a little orphan bird that is trying to teach itself to build a nest; two parts instinct, one part improvisation, and one part desire.

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