Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baltimore Magazine Cover Shoot on the Boardwalk with Photographer Cory Donovan

I agreed to assist with another Baltimore Magazine cover shoot with the local Baltimore photographer, Cory Donovan. The day of, I picked-up model-for-a-day, Kara, and headed over to meet with Cory Donovan and the other assistant, Talia Scher. 

Amazingly enough, Anthea Thurston and Aimee Lin from Alpha Studio had graciously agreed to be the hair and make-up stylists for the shoot. 

We all gathered at the Baltimore Magazine headquarters for a pre-photo shoot meeting. 

With directions to Cambridge, Maryland we carpooled to the amazing Hyatt Regency resort - they had generously provided space in their spa for us to prepare for the shoot. 

While Anthea and Aimee styled the model - Cory, Talia and I scoped out the nearby Sailwinds Park. There, we discovered the perfect view; an old boardwalk bordered by rocks and water.

As the day moved closer to shoot time, the sun peeked through the clouds to create a beautifully diffused light. Cory shot in both film and digital; this versatility allowed him to get varied exposures of light and really capture the shot, literally, through a different lens.

As the sun threatened to disappear, we moved quickly to get the three required outfit changes and two locations into the day.

Once the sun fell beyond the horizon we packed-up for the day with a real sense of accomplishment. 

Overall, it was an amazing experience with some really talented people. Look out for the July 2012 issue of Baltimore Magazine for the final shot!

Cory Donovan and Talia Scher on location

Can you tell they also model?

The boardwalk

Checking out the view.

Leaving the Hyatt with the model.

Classic Schwinn bike for photo shoot.

Anthea Thurston (right) and Aimee Lin (left) from Alpha Studio

Cory in action!

Test shot with film.


Reloading film.

Giving direction.

Make-up touch up.


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