Monday, June 18, 2012

June 2012 Issue of Baltimore Magazine

This month's Baltimore Magazine issue features the photo shoot I assisted with several months ago. Yes, it's finally time to talk about beaches, bikes and being free more (couldn't have said it better myself).

As I stated in an earlier post, Baltimore photographer Cory Donovan did an amazing job coordinating the shoot and everyone involved had an super time making memories at this editorial film photography photo shoot.

What you don't see in the photograph:
  • The small group of kids that sat on the dock to the left to watch our lovely model in front of the camera (they would later request an autograph).
  • My steel grip on the reflector to the right..."fill those shadows!"
  • Walking briskly and carefully with photo equipment in a race to beat the sunset
  • The ladies from Alpha Studio standing by with comb, hair spray and make-up brush
The unseen luxuries/non-luxuries of the shoot:
  • The fancy spa/salon we used for proper hair styling at the nearby hotel/golf resort
  • The hot, playground-side bathrooms for outfit changes
  • The scenic drive through Maryland
  • New friends and friendly faces
  • The empty gas tank
  • My name in the magazine (with an added "u" for pizazz)

Leah Voguely - Close enough!

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